• RobJ

Kentucky begins 2018 Harvest season

After a long and eventful Spring, Summer Season, Kentucky is about to start it's first harvest of 2018. Working with a number of grower/processors in different counties within the state, we are proud be onsite and side-by-side our customers to help get them through this critical few weeks of the season.

Our screw presses are at the forefront of this project; with a new approach to drying hemp sweeping the industry we are proud to have our presses out in the field, on remote power, to initiate the whole plant to retail CBD oil process. Once material is in the processing facility focus is then turned to ethonol wash to delivery crude oil for short-path and then total alcohol recovery as a waste management solution.

In addition I have to add what a pleasure it is to visit Kentucky. Such great people and beautiful land, I feel lucky that through the Hemp industry I gravitated to this place. I always look forward to my next journey in that direction.


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